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Claire Burke-Chinn, LCSW
Psychotherapy for Children, Adolescents and Families


Child and Adolescent Treatment

Child and Adolescent Treatment

Children, adolescents and their families have always been a special interest of mine. I offer treatment for:
  • Child and adolescent behavior problems
  • Stress resulting from social, academic and athletic factors
  • Depression and anxiety in childhood and adolescence
  • Drug and alcohol issues
  • Adjustment issues to divorce and remarriage
  • Parent stress 
Child and Family

Parents and children face many difficulties. For parents, it may be balancing work and home or helping their children grow and develop in an increasingly complex  society.
Children are faced with the demands of school, fitting in with their peers, and stresses and strains in the family with divorce or remarriage. In addition, just like adults, children face issues of depression and anxiety.

Adolescence is an often difficult time as children transition into adulthood. Teens face increased independent decision making. Negotiation skills need to be re-tooled continuously, for both parents and teens, to maintain respect for each other. Issues of separation increase as high school progresses and families are at risk for letting anger or alienation rule this process. How this inevitable separation is navigated sets the stage for lifelong family relationships. On top of all this, adolescents are exploring peer relationships and sexuality.  Psychotherapy can play a critical role in helping teens as they negotiate these difficult issues.
Group Therapy

A powerful and often enjoyable form of therapy takes place in groups. Please go to my News and Events Page to see what groups are presently being offered. These are often a terrific experience!

If you would like to set up a consultation to help your child contact me at 925-683-7786 or

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